01. Do you know the [formula] for calculating pi?
02. Coca-Cola has a secret [formula] for its beverage that is only known to a small group of people.
03. Part of his [formula] for success has been total ruthlessness in his business dealings.
04. The chemical [formula] for water is H20.
05. The U.S. and Russia must find some [formula] which will allow both sides to reduce their nuclear arsenals without either side gaining any advantage.
06. He believes that someday a pattern will be found in the [formula] for pi.
07. The oranguatan obviously spent a lot of time and effort [formulating] his plan for escape from the zoo.
08. Eddie Rickenbacker once said that there's a six-word [formula] for success - think things through, then follow through.
09. Theodore Roosevelt once suggested that the most important single ingredient in the [formula] of success is knowing how to get along with people.
10. English philosopher and scientist Roger Bacon introduced a gunpowder [formula] to Europe in 1242.
11. The [formula] for curry was made by the British as an easy way to copy the taste of Indian cooking.
12. Breast milk is easier for babies to digest than [formula].
13. Rhodesia's Constitution, [formulated] in 1961, favored whites in power.
14. He has [reformulated] his theory somewhat in light of this new research.
15. The recipe for our cookies has been [reformulated] to contain less fat.
16. The teacher wrote the mathematical [formulae] necessary to complete the test on the board before beginning the exam.
17. We had to memorize about 20 different [formulas] for the math test.
18. The government is [formulating] legislation to deal with a new phenomenon known as identity theft.
19. Some scholars suggest that Galileo's book Principia may have contained a general [formulation] of the concept of gravity.
20. The film was very boring and [formulaic]. The was story similar to a dozen other action films I've seen.
21. The team of scientists had to completely [reformulate] its hypothesis after analyzing the results of their experiments.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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